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Fiinu is in the pre-application phase of the Bank of England
authorisation process to become a bank.

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Our goal…

…is for customers to be in better financial
    shape after they join us.

  • Fill gaps in the market

    We systematically find and fill gaps in the market by using the latest technology

  • Improve financial inclusion

    Our credit products are designed to improve our customer's credit scores

  • Overdraft extension and protection

    Once authorised, we will launch the world’s first Bank Independent Overdraft®.

  • Outstanding savings rates

    Once authorised, we will offer competitive fixed-term, FSCS protected savings accounts

  • Transfer money for less

    Once authorised, we will offer competitive retail foreign exchange and money transfer services

Intended impact

We have set a target of saving consumers
£800 million annually, within five years.

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Every day, over 35.000 adults are overdrawn to unarranged overdraft in the UK, largely because they have no access to arranged overdrafts. Nearly 90% are overdrawn for less than £100 and for less than two weeks. Once authorised, Fiinu will change the overdraft landscape.

Fiinu’s Maximum Monthly Charge is 24% of the amount borrowed, e.g. £24 on £100 borrowed.

ios progress


Fiinu has developed both minimum viable products and prototypes and has received great feedback from customers, media and investors.

ios progress

BIO: Fiinu’s CEO is telling
you a secret.

Fiinu Bank Independent

June 2017

Fiinu was featured in its first international publications
including Huffington Post and Forbes

August 2017

We had the second feedback meeting with the
Bank of England

June 2018

We had a challenge meeting with the Bank of England

March 2017

We had the first feedback meeting with the
Bank of England

July 2017

We won a start-up pitch competition in an international
event in Zurich.

March 2018

We were overfunded on a crowdfunding platform