for everyone

Fiinu is in the pre-mobilisation phase to obtain necessary licenses
from the UK regulatory authorities.

Our goal…

…is for customers to be in better financial
    shape after they join us.

  • Fill gaps in the market

    We systematically find and fill gaps in the market by using the latest technology

  • Improve financial inclusion

    Our credit products are designed to improve our customer's credit scores

Intended impact

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Millions of adults do not have access to an arranged overdraft and changing regulations could cause those many millions of consumers to lose access to any unarranged overdraft facility currently offered by their primary bank, meaning their payments will begin to be rejected, leading to failed payments.

Fiinu will change the short term borrowing landscape by offering an innovative solution connected to a customer’s primary bank account via the “Open Banking” directive.

Using Fiinu’s credit product has the potential to improve an individual’s credit score and will provide an alternative to using high-cost short-term credit which can have a damaging effect on their credit file and/or lenders credit decisions.

Our aim is to help millions of people better manage and stay in control of their finances.