Intended impact

A remarkable difference

Millions of adults do not have access to an arranged overdraft and changing regulations could cause those many millions of consumers to lose access to any unarranged overdraft facility currently offered by their primary bank, meaning their payments will begin to be rejected, leading to failed payments.

Fiinu will change the overdraft landscape by offering an unbundled overdraft solution, allowing anyone with a Fiinu overdraft to connect it to their primary bank account via Open Banking and benefit from an arranged overdraft facility without ever having to switch bank accounts.

Having an overdraft with Fiinu also increases credit scores and ensures consumers aren’t forced to use alternative high-cost short-term credit which has a damaging effect on their credit file.

Desperate Alternatives

Only a small number of people in the country are currently fully aware that non-standard credit products have a severe adverse effect on consumer’s credit scores and file.

Payday loans reduce credit scores by an average of -10%, and according to BBC Newsnight, two-thirds of mortgage applications are rejected if the applicant has taken out a payday loan in the past 6 years.

The Fiinu Score

Fiinu is powered by Fiinuscore, a bespoke in-house developed process-funnel which does not rely solely on credit reference agency data. It predicts the behaviour of short-term debtors more accurately than the outdated scorecard models. As a result of this disruptive innovation, Fiinu can help millions of people with their first overdraft.

Fiinuscore-process is on the precipice of an exponential leap in fintech-innovation, which reshapes the world of financial inclusion. It is more personal, predictive and instantaneous than traditional scorecard-models. In brief, the Fiinuscore-process is a funnel, which continuously improves by using quantitative modelling techniques.



Our artificial intelligence is analysing behavioural analytics as part of the Fiinuscore-process.


Our machine learning is continuously improving and analysing the AI outcomes without human intervention.


Our social media API’s help Fiinuscore-algorithms to supplement customers behavioural economics with in-depth analysis.


We co-operate with leading global fraud agencies and service providers and feed the Fiinuscore-process with relevant information.