Intended impact

We have seen many failures in the current financial services market and are now solving some of them through innovative uses of technology.

A remarkable difference

Every day, over 35.000 adults are overdrawn to unarranged overdraft in the UK, largely because they have no access to arranged overdrafts. Nearly 90% are overdrawn for less than £100 and for less than two weeks. Once authorised, Fiinu will change the overdraft landscape.


Desperate Alternatives

Only a small number of people in the country are currently fully aware that non-standard credit products have a severe adverse effect on consumer’s credit scores and file.

Payday loans reduce credit scores by an average of -10%, and according to BBC Newsnight, two-thirds of mortgage applications are rejected if the applicant has taken out a payday loan in the past 6 years.

The Fiinu Score

Fiinu is powered by Fiinuscore, a bespoke in-house developed process-funnel which does not rely solely on credit reference agency data. It predicts the behaviour of short-term debtors more accurately than the outdated scorecard models. As a result of this disruptive innovation, Fiinu can help millions of people with their first overdraft.

Fiinuscore-process is on the precipice of an exponential leap in fintech-innovation, which reshapes the world of financial inclusion. It is more personal, predictive and instantaneous than traditional scorecard-models. In brief, the Fiinuscore-process is a funnel, which continuously improves by using quantitative modelling techniques.



Our artificial intelligence is analysing behavioural analytics as part of the Fiinuscore-process.


Our machine learning is continuously improving and analysing the AI outcomes without human intervention.


Our social media API’s help Fiinuscore-algorithms to supplement customers behavioural economics with in-depth analysis.


We co-operate with leading global fraud agencies and service providers and feed the Fiinuscore-process with relevant information.